Improve user management with SCIM

Take your identity management and security a step further by connecting your directory to Formstack.

Make valuable connections

System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) lets you connect your directory to Formstack via SSO so you can manage account users from your own system.

Enjoy enhanced SCIM capabilities

SCIM automates identity management across cloud-based applications like Formstack Forms.

Get the security benefits of SSO, which requires your team to log in with your SSO provider.


Enjoy the ability to seamlessly add or delete users and edit permissions from a single system.


Integrate your favorite SCIM cloud providers, such as One Login or Okta, with Formstack.

How It Works

Start using SCIM in two easy steps:

Step 1: Connect your SSO directory to your Formstack account using one of several popular SCIM cloud providers, including One Login, Okta, Azure, and miniOrange.

Step 2: Start controlling existing Formstack Forms user permissions and groups from your own system.

To learn more about using SCIM, check out this blog post.

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